Trevor Dobie

Trevor Dobie

Trevor Dobie is a builder in the British reality show "The Murder Game" (based on the short-lived American reality show, Murder In Small Town X).

He was portrayed by Guy Scantlebury.


He was labeled as one of the nine suspects of a killer who murdered Catherine Prior. As it came down to him and Jay Wilmington, it turns out that Trevor is the killer.

He murdered Catherine because he wanted to have custody of Catherine's daughter, Anya who also turns out be Trevor's daughter. Even though Catherine admitted that Trevor is Anya's father, she refused to give her up and threatened to leave the town of Blackwater. Furious, Trevor attacked Catherine. She tried to defend herself with the navigational dividers, but Trevor grabbed them away and used them to stab her.

In addition, he disliked the Wilmingtons when Felicity murdered his mother's baby, who could've been his sibling. Most importantly, Catherine was part Wilmington because she was Jay Wilmington's half-sister as they share the same father, Tony Wilmington. After killing Catherine, he took the necklace that was given to her by her father and has been wearing it ever since, in an attempt to frame the Wilmingtons. It was very likely that he torched Creeksea Place as revenge on the Wilmingtons who killed his mother's baby. The fire resulted in Tony Wilmington's death.

In challenging the contestants to a game, he also "killed" 9 of them. And he also murdered Tina Wells who told the investigators he was threatening Catherine.

Andrew Weaver survived Trevor's final game and relayed the police department to arrest Trevor Dobie for Catherine's murder.


  • Catherine Prior (deceased);
  • Christine Rose (eliminated from the show);
  • Sarita Raval (eliminated from the show);
  • Samantha Matthews (eliminated from the show);
  • Mervin Merchant (eliminated from the show);
  • Tina Wells (deceased);
  • Meryl Holt (eliminated from the show);
  • Ruairi McNally (eliminated from the show);
  • Tony Wilmington (deceased);
  • Richard Sharrocks (eliminated from the show);
  • Nick Sykes (eliminated from the show);
  • Melanie Sainz (eliminated from the show);