Trenton's Pride is the son of Sir Trenton and an unknown mare, a racehorse at the Kentucky Open, Stripes' former rival and a (former) supporting antagonist of Racing Stripes.

He was voiced by Joshua Jackson.


He is first seen in the film as a foal along with his friend Ruffshodd meeting Stripes in the farm next door to the Kentucky Open and start playing with him but are forced to stop when Pride's father Sir Trenton sees this and doesn't want his son to hang out with a zebra and tells his son that if he wants to be a champion he should start acting like one. Three years later Pride is now a young adult encounters Stripes again and challenges him to a race at the Blue Moon Races which the zebra excepts but when there ends up losing the race after not slowing down on a slippery turn and Pride wins the race. He is later seen with his father seeing Stripes and Sandy together, Sir Trenton doesn't want Stripes in be in the Kentucky Derby but Pride wants to win the race fair and square but his father replies by saying it's not a risk he is willing to take. Pride competes against Stripes in the Kentucky Open and is in the lead but Stripes remembers a piece of advice from his mentor Tucker and is able to overtake Pride, winning the race and after the race Pride makes amends with Stripes.


Trenton's Pride is a chestnut brown horse with four socks and a blaze.