Trent (The Way Way Back)


Trent is the main antagonist of The Way Way Back.

He is portrayed by Steve Carell.


Trent is Pam's over-controlling boyfriend. He has a strained relationship with her teenage son Duncan, which escalates as the story progresses.

Trent has an alpha-male complex which he uses to put down Duncan and turn his own mother against him. Trent's teenage daughter is just as selfish and insensitive as he is, though not as manipulative but still shows a dislike for Duncan. When Duncan catches Trent with another woman, his dislike for him intensifies.

Pam figures it out as well but refuses to talk about it out of fear of losing Trent. Frustrated by his mother's weak will, Duncan loudly announces Trent's unfaithfulness. Trent shows his true colours by trying to beat Duncan. He settles for hurting Duncan's feelings by telling him how little his real father cared for him.

Later, Duncan tells his adult friend Owen of how upset he is about Trent's abuse. Owen provides Duncan with the father figure he's been looking for and boosts his confidence. Towards the end of the film, Owen meets Trent and stands up for Duncan.

Taken aback that someone would take Duncan's side over his, Trent could only back away in disbelief. Pam stays with Trent, but her relationship with her son has improved greatly. It's then left up to the audience to figure out if Pam will leave Trent.