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Travis T. Hippocrates was a villain from the TV series Fievel's American Tails, a spin-off of the animated film An American Tail: Fievel Goes West. A self-professed "doctor" with a top hat and a southern accent, he is modeled off of the stereotypical snake oil salesman often seen in the Western genre. He appeared in the episode "A Case of the Hiccups".

A Case of the Hiccups

Dr. Travis T. Hippocrates rolls into the sleepy town of Green River at the bottom of a human-sized wagon, advertising himself as a seller of miracle cures. The problem is, no one is sick...yet. He happens to walk into a shop and meet Fievel Mousekewitz, and after charming Fievel's mother, he offers Fievel a job. His job is to hand out free candy to everyone in Green River.

As it turns out everyone in town gets the hiccups; everyone but Fievel and his baby sister Yasha. Fievel takes his older sister Tanya to Travis T. for a cure, which he says isn't ready yet but soon will be, and he tells Fievel to bring everyone in town to his office so that he can sell this cure to them. Fievel does, but after his cat friend Tiger steals a bunch of the candy and gets hiccups, and Fievel realizes Yasha doesn't have hiccups and never was allowed to have the candy, Fievel gets suspicious. He confronts Travis T. Hippocrates, who then confesses that the candy gave everyone hiccups, and the 'cure' was nothing but a placebo. He then tries to convince Fievel to join his crooked scheme, to leave his family and go from town to town swindling mice. Fievel refuses with a firm "But that's wrong! I won't do it!"

Dr. Hippocrates gets an evil grin on his face. "Fievel my boy, I'm afraid that was the wrong answer!" he says, as he grabs Fievel by the shoulders roughly, and Fievel gulps in fear. We don't get to see what Travis T Hippocrates actually does to Fievel immediately afterwards, but Fievel is shown trapped in an upside-down glass jar in the next scene as Travis sells his fake product to the mice of Green River. However, during this time Cat R. Waul has been plotting behind the scenes, and there he strikes, as he and his fellow cats capture all the mice. Travis flees to his office and releases Fievel, who sets off to rescue the mice. Travis later joins Fievel, distracting the cats by convincing them to try some of his hiccup candy. While the cats get uncontrollable hiccups, Fievel rescues all the mice. Travis T Hippocrates vows to go straight, and on the train out of Green River when he almost reverts back to his old ways by giving out candy, he finds that Fievel stole his last pouch of candy.