Travis McCredle is the main antagonist on Entourage. His father Larsen is a billionaire who invested a lot of money on Vincent Chase movie called Hyde. Ari Gold who is Vincent ex agent and became head of a studio that is filming Vincent movie. Travis supervise his father investment, when he traveled with Ari to oversee the project. He fell in love with Emily Ratajkowski at the Hollywood party that Vincent was throwing at Turtle's house. Emily went with him, but Emily fell for Vince and she hooked with Vince. Travis holds a huge grudge against Vince. He even ask to edit out his brother Drama out of the movie and Vincent removed too. Ari do whatever it took to keep this project forward, he is loyal to Vincent. Travis would do anything to have Vincent removed from the movie and so is his brother. But the movie went forward, his father ask Ari to resign as head of the studio, but he will let the movie go as his and keep Vincent and Drama parts. But Travis didn't get what he wanted, Vincent and Drama's movie did well in the box office and he didn't get Emily in the movie.


Travis is shown to be spoiled, greedy, selfish and manipulative. He is a bit of a bully, and holds a grudge against those who get one over on him. He is very immature, seen when he wanted to ruin Vincent Chase' movie over his relationship with Emily. He tries to bully Vincent into submission by saying that he doesn't like the film, and that he wants to fire both him and Drama from the project. This is only because of his crush on Emily that she doesn't reciprocate, instead preferring Vincent. He is also shown to be quite paranoid, as after he dropped off Emily, he stuck around to see if Vincent would show up at her house (which he did)

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