Travis (surname unknown) is a secondary antagonist of the visual novel and later anime Grisaia no Rakuen, and the chief of security on the Tartaros, the flagship of Heath Oslo's organization. Little is known about his history, though it can be presumed he has considerable military training and combat experience. It is also known that Travis' brother was also a terrorist, but was killed in combat with Asako Kusakabe, a Japanese special forces soldier and mentor of series protagonist Yuuji Kazami.

Travis is seen at the end of the anime version of Grisaia no Kajitsu, firing a Stinger missile at an unseen target, presumably an aircraft associated with the Japanese Coast guard vessel Oslo is seen firing at with a rocket launcher. Travis is not seen again until Yuuji singlehandedly attacks the Tartaros. Yuuji eliminates several guards in close combat with only his knife (except for one, which he shoots with a fellow guard's handgun). Travis fires at Yuuji with a Smith and Wesson 500, a large, .50 caliber revolver, however, he misses because of Yuuji's near superhuman speed and the high recoil of his weapon , which makes aiming difficult. Yuuji quickly outmaneuvers Travis and kills him with his knife. In the visual novel, Yuuji makes a strike at Travis' gun hand which actually severs his hands before finishing him with a thrust to the chest, while in the anime, Yuuji simply stabs him in the chest