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Travis and Captain Lippencott are two twin brothers and the secondary antagonists of the 2014 comedy film sequel Dumb and Dumber To.

They are portrayed twice by Rob Riggle who also played Mr. Walters, Aloysius O'Hare and Bela.

In the film, Travis is the housekeeper of Adele Pinchelow which she's got affair with Travis. she is sent him (Travis) to kill Harry and Lloyd, as he gets killed by oncoming train and then Travis's twin brother Captain Lippencott arrives with Adele and the two attempt to kill Harry, Lloyd and Penny but until Bernard, Adele's husband comes and tells he knew all along about the evil plan of his wife which Captain Lippencott is assits to Adele in her plan leading to Capt. Lippencott and Adele's arrest.

In the film, they (Travis and Capt. Lippencott) are helping to Adele and the main henchmen of her.


Travis is extremly stupid until his death which reveals that is not so stupid as Harry and Lloyd.

Capt. Lippencott is a evil jerk villain in the movie but like his brother he is a little bit stupid.


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