Featured as the protagonists of Harmony Korine's film Trash Humpers, the Trash Humpers are a group of four elderly sociopaths (although one is often unseen due to working the camera) who are given the group name based on their habit of humping trash cans. While the film primarily focuses on their interactions with other bizarre people, they prove themselves to be quite villainous in their dismissive ways. Their names are given as Momma, Buddy, Travis, and Hervé the cameraman.

Events of the Film

The film is divided into sections with sequences of the Humpers acting in perverse manners towards trash cans and trees. Throughout the film, they prove themselves to be extremely unpleasant people who engage in disgusting acts such as the aforementioned trash bin humping. However, other acts suggest a disturbing side to the characters. In particular, they are shown mistreating baby dolls through means such as dragging them by the throats on bicycles. They also have a habit of spying into people's homes and humping the outside walls, giving them more of an invasive nature to their characters. Other acts of vandalism include breaking into homes and smashing their owners' property. Disturbingly, the Trash Humpers themselves are also somewhat representative of the disturbed world they inhabit. Almost all of their encounters are with misfits either marked by similar perverse tendencies (such as the man singing of private parts or the two men who act like conjoined twins).

Although they often partake in the activities of those they visit, the Humpers are not above abusing them. The Humpers force the pretend conjoined twins to eat pancakes topped with dish soap after Momma declares it to be poison. When approached by their number one fan who had composed a poem in their honor, the Humpers are incredibly dismissive and even throw snap fireworks at his feet as he performs. Adding to their cruelty towards their fan, the Humpers later casually murder him with a knife and sing and dance around his corpse. At the end of the film, Momma comes across and abducts a baby. Disturbingly, it is suggested that the child will be raised to become a Humper just like them. But given their treatment of baby dolls, the chance that the Humpers may kill the baby as well is certain.

The fourth Humper, Hervé, wears a Confederate flag shirt and demonstrates the shared sociopathic tendencies in the group. Following the fan's murder by the Humpers, he leads them into singing and dancing around his heavily bleeding corpse. He also may be racist as one of his recurring growls is directed towards a black man.