Trash (Earth-616)

Trash is a superhuman gang from Marvel comics that has been seen in two variations - one was an enemy of Power Pack while the other was an enemy of Luke Cage.

Originally Trash were subservient to the drug dealer known as Garbage Man but rebelled against him after mistreatment - the second incarnation were seeking a means to deal with Cage and allied with Rapidfire in order to try and take the superhero down.

Trash (Original)

  • Brute (super-strong/durable mutant)
  • Razor Cut (mutant with razor-sharp scales)
  • Airhead (mutant capable of floating via expanding her head)
  • Blasting Cap (pyrokinetic mutant)
  • Crazy Legs (mutant with extendible legs and superhuman-strength in leg area)

Trash (Second Version)

  • Razor Cut (same as above)
  • Blasting Cap (same as above)
  • Crazy Legs (same as above)
  • Thor Kid (normal human fashioned after Thor)