Trapdoor (Eight Legged Freaks)

Trapdoor is an antagonist from the comedy/horror film Eight Legged Freaks.

Trapdoor spiders are spiders that, like all the other spiders in the movie, they belonged to a spider farmer before they all got exposed to noxious chemicals within the mutated crickets that made them grow to the size of a man, with some of them (like Consuela) being even bigger. The growth also followed by their enhanced intelligence to the point that these spiders work together with other spiders within a hierarchy.

Eight Legged Freaks

In the beginning of the film where Joshua, the spider farmer, showed a kid named Mike his spiders (including Trapdoor Spiders that he fed crickets that unbeknowist to him, has mutated by noxious chemicals). Joshua show Mike how Trapdoor Spider's speed to grab the cricket will go. After Mike left, Tank the tarantula (whom intelligence has already developed due to noxious chemicals) bites Joshua. His agonizing pain caused him to knock other spider cages around him, causing a number of other spiders moved together to kill him while others flee. They then start to grow to the size of adults as their intelligence developed to the equal level with primates'.

Trapdoor Spiders are later seen hunting in Wades' ostrich field. They would later participate with Tank and the other spiders attacking the town and chasing other people to Prosperity Mall. They randomly position themselves in manholes to ambush humans before moves to the mall.

In the end of the movie, these Trapdoor spiders are killed within the explosion set on both mines and the mall.