The Trapdoor


The Trapdoor is the main antagonist of the 1980s claymation series of the same name - it is notable for being one of relatively few antagonists that are not actually a living creature but instead a force of nature.

The Trapdoor is an evil trapdoor that leads into a realm populated by innumerable horrors that make even the dreaded Thing Upstairs seem somewhat pleasant and the premise of the show is Berk's continual struggle to appease his master while also dealing with whatever mischief the Trapdoor brings his way.

In almost every episode of the series the Trapdoor unleashes some manner of beast upon Berk and his friends, some are harmless but most are vicious brutes or cruel tricksters - which Berk must either confront or flee from.


The Trap Door Opening Theme00:52

The Trap Door Opening Theme