The Raiders about to suffocate


The Oxygen Board

Tranq Gas Raiders
were a criminal gang and minor villains in 2000 AD comic Judge Dredd. They appeared in prog 57.


They were a gang of criminals on Luna-One who hijacked the mixing terminals and proceeded to replace oxygen with tranq gas which made most of the population of Luna-One fall unconscious which caused the deaths of over 53,000 and over half a million wounded due to accidents such as vehicular crashes, an office fire, a monorail crash and drowning in a bowl of Plasti-Flakes (breakfast cereal). After they accomplished that, they proceed to loot as much money and jewels until they find the Judges were unaffected due to wearing oxygen masks and they retreated back to their hideout. After Dredd manages to minimize casualties with some robots, he was furious that the men who caused have managed to get away scot free. Meanwhile in the hideout, the looters locked the door to their room and were celebrating and counting the loot they managed to steal before they got a call from a robot the oxygen boards informing them that their payment was overdue by two months so they are going to remove oxygen from the room. The looters tried to look for the key to the door but it was under a pile of loot and they all proceeded to die from lack of oxygen. A few days later, the Judges found the looter's bodies and the loot, with Judge Tex then remarked "Wal, guess we got them Tranq gas raiders, after all, Marshall. The Oxygen Board executed 'em fer us!" and Dredd responding "Not executed, Tex - cut off! It sure pays to keep your gas bills up to date."