Trandoshans are a reptillian species native to the planet Trandosha in the Mid Rim.


Trandosha inhabits the same star system as Kashyyk which has caused hostile relationships between the Trandoshans and the inhabitants of Kashyyk,the Wookies. Trandoshans worship a godess known as the Scorekeeper who awards points to Trandoshans who kill most of sentient beings but no species is more prized than Wookies

To a Trandoshan, obtaining a Wookie pelt is the greatest honor of all. This agreesive behavior towards Wookies and other species have lead Trandoshans to become one of the least trusted species in the galaxy and frequently they have not been granted the same rights as other species and their homeworld has been blockaded numerous times. Trandoshans have been strong supporters of the Confederacy of Independent Systems and Galactic Empire and have fought alongside both factions durring invasions of Kashyyk. During the reign of the empire they were surprisingly not persecuted, most likely because the Empire viewed them as strong allies to keep the Wookies enslaved, but it remains unknown if Trandoshans would have remained allies or if they would have been enslaved after the rebellion was defeated due to the Empire defeat at Endor.

Although hostilities between Trandoshans and Wookies have continued long after the Galactic Civil War, the New Republic never did side with the Trandoshans in any conflict, but after Darth Krayt's rise to power, Trandosha became one of the richest planets in the galaxy.