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Do you want to die?! Do you?!
~ Tran
Shut up now!
~ Tran

Tran is the leader of the Flaming Dragon gang and the main antagonist in Tropic Thunder. He and his henchmen kidnapped Thug Speedman to forced play Simple Jack from the film of the same name which is his favorite movie .

He portrayed by Brandon SooHoo who played young Storm Shadow.


Tran's thugs has Speedman is then dragged into the main headquarters when he become insane for killing a giant panda and hold him as hostage in order to get money from his producers and call his agent Les Grossman but didn't work because Grossman dislike Speendman's arrogance and think it was ITVO. Tran tourted and forced Speedman re-enact as Simple Jack.



  • His name is also the nickname of the street-racing criminal Johnny Tran from the 2001 film The Fast & the Furious.