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Trampire is a vampiress in Dr. Slump who loves blood and money. She lives in a castle just outside of Penguin Village. She tried to suck Arale's blood but she failed because Arale has no blood because she is an Android. She also tried stealing Senbei's money but failed on that as well. She is later seen working as a part time reaper for Enma and is sent to reap Senbei's soul but ends up getting fired due to Arale's interference. She is accompanied by a nameless monster (similar in appearance to Frankenstein's monster) who can transform into a wolfman. Despite the fact that she's a monster herself, she's very put off by the strange creatures going on around her. She is shown again in the episode "The Monster Prince". She can also be seen flying by the coffee pot cafe in the General Blue Saga of Dragon Ball.

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