Down here... I'm God.

The Trainman was the most loyal servant to the Merovingian from The Matrix trilogy. He protects Mobil Station.


The Trainman came across Niobe at a subway station. He said that last time Zion was destroyed was in 72 hours. He just tells Niobe that he is just an observer. Later, he confronts Neo at the Mobil Station.


The Trainman is very aggressive and loyal to the Merovingian. He believes that he is god at the station.


  • "Seventy-two hours. That's exactly how long Zion lasted last time."
  • "Me? Nobody. I'm just a spectator, enjoying the ride."
  • "You don't get it do you, I built this place. Down here I make the rules. Down here I make the threats. Down here... I'm God."


  • Played by Bruce Spence who does the physical appearance of the Mouth of Sauron.