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The Trainman is the monkey in charge of the Forever Train on Star Fox 64. He works for Andross.

On the planet Macbeth, the Forever Train was making a trip to Andross's supply depot when Star Fox arrived to invade Andross's base, Fox chasing after the Forever Train in a Landmaster. The trainman tried every means of escaping Fox or fighting him off that he could think of, but Fox continued pursuing him, forcing him to detach many compartments of the train.

As they neared a fuel bunker, Fox began shooting eight switches to change the train's path. The trainman activated a mech attached to the train, Mechbeth. Fox shot seven switches, and Falco shot the eighth, causing the switcher to appear. Fox shot the switcher, activating it and changing the train's path so that it crashed into the fuel bunker, blowing both up along with the trainman.


  • The trainman is slightly similar to Parasimon from Digimon Tamers. Both are rednecks who control a train, and the train's path is changed by the heroes.