These since there are over.
~ One of the Traffickers
The Traffickers were minor villains in Akame Ga Kill!. They appears in the episode 7 of the anime and mobsters who were trafficked women drugging them.


Traffickers appeared right at the beginning of the episode in one of the districts of the capital of the empire, they located in one of the busiest areas, the place with the worst kinds of mobsters, drug dealers and other human scum.

Tatsumi and Leone received the mission to exterminate them and save the women, when Tatsumi Leone and managed to pass by the guards of the house, they get inside the roof that connected the room and the bedroom ceiling that was made of wood, down there, they saw traffickers drugging women with gaseous drug, leaving them completely steric. One of the dealers gave a punch in one of the women who said that she wanted more drugs, it did  Leone go quickly to stress after she discovered that the woman who took a punch from one of the dealers was one of her old friends, and quickly Tatsumi Leone enter the room attacking all guards and doing all the mobsters in pieces, ending the life of traffickers and freeing women about the effects of the drug.