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Tracy Stewart is a high school student and a chimera hybrid. She is a antagonist in the horror MTV series Teen Wolf and is a member of Theo's chimera pack, serving as his right-hand.


Tracy Stewart was a senior at Beacon Hills High Schoolin Season 5. She talks to Ms. Martin, who is acting as the school guidance counselor. Tracy explains that she's been having night terrors and relays one in particular that has to do with a raven knocking at her skylight. In reality her skylight doesn't even open, but in the dream it suddenly opened during a thunderstorm and she got up to close it, balancing on a chair. She saw someone pull the chair out from under her, and in the morning her father found her on the floor.

Ms. Martin tries to convince Tracy that it's just normal nerves, but Tracy vomits black ooze all over her desk, along with a raven feather.

Tracy starts having hallucinations while at school, and Lydia convinces her mother to let her take Tracy home. It turns out that Tracy is also sleepwalking, and she delivers herself to the Dread Doctors, who have been injecting her with something. She appears to be turning into a hybrid werewolf and kanima. In Dreamcatchers, she begins to ooze paralytic kanima venom and while in the Animal Clinic, develops a tail.

She kills her father and wounds two police officers that are transporting Donovan, then hunts down the other people who have tried to help her, including her therapist and Mrs. Martin. She kills the therapist and tracks Mrs. Martin to the school. Scott, Liam, Stiles, Malia, Lydia, and Kira approach her at the school. Tracy grabs Hayden's arm, cutting into her, although the wounds don't stay. She then passes out and leaks silver fluid. They take her to the Animal Clinic for diagnosis.

While there, Tracy comes to and attacks everyone, leaving them paralyzed. She then tracks Mrs. Martin to the Sheriff Station. Lydia and Kira arrive at the station at the same time, since Lydia realized what Tracy's killing pattern was. Kira takes on Tracy cuts off her tail, but not before Tracy slashes Lydia in the side. 

Malia recovers from Tracy's venom before Scott and tracks her to the Sheriff Station. She finds Tracy downstairs with Mrs. Martin. Malia is able to take her in the ensuing fight, where Tracy finally wakes up from her night terror. Just as she does, the Dread Doctors show up and inject her with more silver fluid. They declare her a terminal case and leave her to die.

Jordan Parrish steals her body and burns it on The Nemeton.

Theo Raeken resurrects her and now she is part of Theo Raeken's pack.

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