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Tracy Spencer
Tracy Spencer is a major villainess from the 2016 Lifetime film, I Know Where Lizzie Is.

She was played by Nadia Bjorlin.

Tracy Spencer is a psychic who was shown in the beginning of the film using her visions to locate a woman's lost dog. She and her husband, Henry, later became involved in a plot to kidnap Lizzie Holden. After Henry kidnapped Lizzie, Tracy appeared at the news conference and gave psychic visions regarding where Lizzie was kidnapped, leading police to a bridge where one of her shoes was found.

Tracy's reveal came when she was shown at her home donning a hood and red mask, approaching Henry and a tied up Lizzie. The original plan was to get the ransom money, $2 million, to Rebecca, as well as achieve fame for Tracy, which she received due to the increasing amount of attention that the story was getting. However, Tracy was told by Lizzie's stepmother, Rebecca, that she and Henry were to kill Lizzie, in order for Rebecca to receive Martin's massive fortune in his will. Henry's unwillingness to kill Lizzie led to her being found alive, and after Lizzie identified her captors, the couple was arrested. Tracy was shown in the final scenes giving readings to inmates.


  • Tracy Spencer was presented as the main antagonist of the film, but this was done to hide the true main villain.