Trace was a would-be crimelord from the TV series, Babylon 5.


He use to run a criminal racket in Beta VII. He killed two of it's security chiefs, making the third more cooperative with him. In 2262, he attempted to fill the vacuum in Babylon 5's underworld left after N'Grath was taken down. Annoyed with the local security, Trace plans on murdering the stations' Chief of Security, Zack Allan, despite the objections of his cronies. Before he can implement this plan, however, he and his gang run across a young Minbari Ranger in training, Tannier. Trace decided decided a dead Ranger would get his message across loud and clear. His gang beat Tannier almost to death. The plan backfired, however, when the Rangers implemented the Mora'dum: after clearing out his gang, the Rangers forced Trace to fight Tannier one-on-one (with the Minbari still badly injured from his beating). Trace objected, but when given no alternative, fought and lost to Tannier. After Tannier defeated him, Tannier took pity on him because he will never be more than he is, which is a petty thug. After which he was subsequently taken into custody by station security.


  • The actor who played Trace, the late Trevor Goddard, also played Kano in the first Mortal Kombat film in 1995. And like Trace, Kano was also a crime boss.