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Toya (Corpse Princess)

Toya is a minor antagonist in Corpse Princess. She is one of the members of The Seven Stars and seeks to kill people with happiness.


Toya's true form

Toya's true form

Toya is actually a little girl carring a five balloons on her hand, but in her first form, Toya resembles a gentleman wear all white. Instead of having a head, Toya has five Balloons for a head, each with a different color. The red balloon is her main head and has six eyes, with one of them being black, and a permanent smile on her balloon face.

Corpse Princess

Toya's Past

Toya was a little girl from a very poor family. One day, she and her parents decided to go to an amusement park for a fun day. But During their fun at the amusement park, they committed suicide. As a result, Toya was revived as a Shikabane believing that death and happiness were the same thing.

She eventually questions herself about her happiness, causing her own balloon to pop and kill her.

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