Time to play!
~ Toy Maker after getting possessed by Inner Dracula.

The Toy Maker is a villain in the Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow series. 


The Toy Maker, in Mirror Of Fate, is not properly seen until near the end of the game, overlooking Trevor's battle with the Daemon Lord. He appears as a stubby man clad in a dramatically puffy outfit, with red spectacles, an unnaturally blue face, and pointed hair. He has a constant toothy smile and his hair as pointed.

Before being cursed by Walter Bernhard, the Toy Maker was notably less demonic looking, with clear glasses, and normal skin and hair.

Before Mirror Of FateEdit

At a time, the Toy Maker was the pupil of Rinaldo Gandolfi. He had knowledge about crafts and inventions. However, he was cursed by Walter Bernhard for unknown reason, but the Toy Maker now used his skills to craft "toys" of death and destruction. He fled to Castlevania, serving  Dracula to create several instruments of destruction which carried out his and Dracula's plans.

Mirror Of FateEdit

The Toy Maker is an indirect villain in the game. Although his face is seen in many glass stained windows, and his presence is felt throughout, the Toy Maker does not make an appearance until the penultimate fight with the Daemon Lord. He seems to express interest in reviving or at least doing something with the Daemon Lord after the battle. He creates several of the enemies fought in the game, most notably grotesque puppets and all the enemies found in his Workshop.

Lords Of Shadow 2Edit

The Toy Maker returns for Lords Of Shadow 2, to give up a piece of the Mirror Of Fate to Gabriel before being possessed by the blood of Castlevania itself. He is fought in an early boss battle, and once defeated, gives up the mirror and recognizes who Dracula is and flees crying.