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I will achieve my revenge
~ Toxzon

Tytus Octavius Xander (also known as Toxzon) is a villain from the Max Steel franchise.

After a stunt Dread pulled at THI (Trans Human Industries), Tytus was fired by new CIO Molly McGrath, due to recently sacrificing an intern (who miraculacly survived), and his coworkers saying he talks to a plastic fish.


Past Life

Some time ago was an agent of the N-TEK that because of his contempt for the rules, forced a machine disposal of toxic waste to operate at full capacity before the test that without security measures resulted in a huge explosion that polluted and Muto his own body.

Rise of Evil

According to newly absorbed toxin. So a new villain named Toxzon, which can increase their power the more you
Toxzon face

Toxzon real face

feed toxins, and has the mind and the skills of an N-Tek agent originated. It can be assumed that in the past failed strengthened with many toxins, so he was captured and put in a decontamination chamber in the Antarctic, where there is also a base N-Tek, so it will not be strengthened (in a pure environment is completely weak) and could find a cure. Although Toxzon caused his accident and N-Tek tried to help, he blames N-Tek for everything that happened and wants revenge. Another skill that counts is to create small creatures known as Toxoid, s from various toxins, and use them as an army. Can also shoot with her hands, the trigger type depends on the substance that is present in your body at that time. An interesting fact is that it uses a mask to avoid breathing the air that we breathe often as it makes a lot of damage.

Max Steel Reboot


Toxzon is selfish and insane. He has a fondness with creating toxic chemicals and causing mass destruction. Toxzon only cares for his won agendas and what he can gain when he does his evil deeds. He had no remorse for betraying the business that Molly McGrath owned and causing trouble. Despite his wicked personality, Toxzon is willing to protect a tool by the name of Fishy. He hallucinates and imagines that Fishy is a talking fish that really cares for him. When Fishy was turned into Plaztek by one of Makino's men by accident, he was willing to save him despite not knowing that it was actually his fish. When he could not save him, he decided to exact his revenge upon Makino and everyone else that played a role in Fishy's death.


Toxzon has an extensive knowledge on Chemistry. He is capable of creating robots and robotic suits to help him in his conquest. His robotic suit for instance is strong enough to put up with Max Steel and his abilities. He is able to use chemicals as apart of his arsenal and can use it to attack his enemies. Toxzon also seens to have a decent knowledge on technology and can use it to trap people in a video game or to download and steal files and information to assist him in conquest to take over the world. He can also create powerful weapons of mass destruction that is capable of destroying an entire city.

Episode Appearances

  • "Cleaning House"
  • "C.Y.T.R.O Attacks"
  • "Supermania"
  • "The Secret Admirer"
  • "Gone Fishin'"
  • "Pick Your Poison"
  • "Toxic Relationship"
  • "Digital Meltdown"




Max Steel Last Requests (Bonus Clip)01:47

Max Steel Last Requests (Bonus Clip)

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