Tower Knight
The Tower Knight is a boss-level enemy found in Demon's Souls and manifests as a gigantic knight armed with a large shield who attacks via stomping and causing shockwaves with his lance - as well as slamming his shield down when players get near enough.

The Tower Knight also has a small army of Fat Official archers at his side who try to impale players with arrows during the fight, the best strategy is to take the Fat Officials out first as they are generally the typical annoying minion who will try and mess up the fight.

After disposing of his minions the Tower Knight is easier to deal with, the player cutting at his legs to make the giant fall over - leaving his head vulnerable to attack: after doing this a few times the demon is slain.

It is likely that the Tower Knight is the corrupted form of Alfred, The Knight of the Tower, a Knight of the Round Table of Boletaria.