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Toucanmon are minor characters in Digimon Frontier. Four of them were members of Ranamon's Fanclub.


Toucanmon is a small Armor Level Digimon that resembles a toucan. Their body looks like part of a red egg with two yellow spots, and red shoes instead of talons. They have black feathers, and a blue beak with yellow stripes. They also have a blade on the top of their head.

Digimon Frontier

Four Toucanmon are members of Ranamon's fanclub and run an island paradise. When the DigiDestined appear, they trick them and steal the boys' D-Tectors in order to give them to their idol. They later land on Goma Island where the Gomamon live, but after seeing how awful Ranamon looks in her Beast Spirit Calmaramon form, they head to the Autumn Leaf Fair to trade the D-Tectors to Datamon. Tommy intervenes and wants to take the projector they traded the D-Tectors for from them to retrieve their Digivices, but he instead chooses to save them from drowning. Those Toucanmon are then bound and gagged by Arbormon when he comes to Datamon's shop. Some time later, three of the Toucanmon help three of the boys, Datamon and Sepikmon prepare a defense before the Royal Knights can invade the recently evacuated Autumn Leaf Fair. It is this event that they are forgiven for what they did earlier.


  • Crazy Crest
  • Beak Cutter
  • Marble Peck


  • Toucanmon's previous Digimon form is Hawkmon

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