Toth Lar is a major antagonist in Spellforce 2: Shadow Wars. He is the High Archon of the Norcaine and the only son of Sorvina and Nazshar though his mother always thought of him as incompetent. After the Civil War he ended up as the leader of the Norcaine forces.



At some point after the death of his father Toth Lar was able to revive Nazshar with the help of a Rune Warrior. Nazshar quickly gained lots of followers but his rebellion was foiled by Nightsong.

When Sorvina found out about the Black Mirror Toth Lar and the Archons wove the pact that bound the Shadows to the Dark Elves in return for some of the latter's life force. The pact with the Shadows gave Toth Lar the power to seize control over the Norcaine and put him in control of the Norcaine army.

With his mother poisoning his mind about glorious conquest he and the Archons invaded the Iron Fields. His mother however planned to use the Norcaine army to capture the dragon Ur and revive her deceased husband. Viewing Toth Lr as an incompetent disgrace she wants to give Nzshar a better son.

After the taking of Shaikur Toth Lar and some part of his army travels to the Bulwark where he meets with the orc chieftain Kor. Toth Lar orders the Orcs to search for Nightsong. When Kor tells him that the orcs would never fight for the Norcaine a fight between Dark Elves and Orcs erupts. Though the orcs at first have the upper hand the Shaikan's attack on the Bulwark forces the orcs to fight on 2 fronts and gives Toth Lar the possibility to escape, leaving his general Sinistron Kaziz behind.

Toth Lar flees back to Dragh'Lur. When the army of the Clans arrive with the Shaikan he wants the Shadows to attack them but the Shadows abandon him having previously made a deal with the Shaikan. Furious he chides his mother for letting the Shaikan steal the Black Mirror but this only leads to Sorvina abandoning her son. Toth Lar dies on the highest point of Dragh'Lur, him and his forces wiped out by the Shaikan and his forces.