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Toshiro Otomo is an Admiral in the Japanese Navy and head of the I-SDF (Information Self-Defence Force). Otomo serves as one of the two main antagonists of the Video Game Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory.


After Otomo sets up his I-SDF, which greatly enhances Japan's cyber warfare capabilities, Chna and North Korea protest by creating a naval blockade in the Yellow sea. Otomo offers the United States assistance in dealing with the blockade and possible hostilities that may occur between the countries. Eventually a missile is launched from a North Korean battery which sinks America's most advanced battleship the 'Walsh".

NSA agent Sam Fisher eventually learns that the missile was actually launched by Doug Shetland and his group of PMC's. After tracking Shetland down Sam learns that Otomo himself was working with Shetland, in an attempt to pit the other countries in a world war with each other so he can restore Japan to a full military force.

After dealing with Shetland, the U.S. launches a mission using Sam Fisher to capture Otomo and make him stand trial for his crimes. Fisher infiltrates Otomo's I-SDF compound, and after stealthily making his way through the facility and getting around all of the Admiral's men he finds him. Otomo attempts to perform seppuku rather than be taken alive, Fisher however prevents this and saves Otomo's life before extracting him and handing him over to the U.N. for trail. It is later learns that Otomo's own personal code of honor dictate he admit his rogue activities, he is subsequently imprisoned for war crimes.