The Torvosaurus is the main antagonist in the Dinosaur Revolution episode The Watering Hole.

It is seen stepping on the neck of a dying Miragaia, and then snaps its neck with its foot.

It is seen again, attacking a herd of Miragaia, grabbing a youngster and shaking it to death. The Allosaurus watching is impressed, and thinks its just another creature he can take out.

It appears again, drooling next to the Rhamphorhynchus and Ornitholestes, who are fighting. They are then scared away by the Torvosaurus.

After the Allosaurus is done drinking, it appears again, sleeping on the Allosaurus's spot. After the Allosaurus wakes him up, he attacks Allosaurus, throwing him to the ground, and biting his pelvis. Then, as it tries to kill the Allosaurus, it is distracted by the Ornitholestes attacking the Rhamphorhynchus. It lets the Allosaurus go, but still takes the Allosaurus's spot.


Torvosaurus vs. Allosaurus

It wakes up and goes to the watering hole, trying to attack a sick and young Dinheirosaurus. He tries to go for it, but the adult protects the youngster as it runs away. He accidentally almost steps on a baby Miragaia, and one of them spikes him in the ankle. He gets annoyed and knocks down the sauropod to the ground. He goes after the baby sauropod and throws it on the ground, biting its injured leg, but the baby manages to fend him off. The rival Allosaurus has recovered, and bites down on the Torvosaurus's neck, but he shakes him off and tries to kill him, but the adult sauropod rears up and throws him down, knocking him out, leaving him easy prey as the Allosaurus rips him apart and eats him.