Torvald was a secondary villain from the 1961 movie Barabbas.

Some time after the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, Torvald was brought to Rome as a slave and trained to fight as a gladiator. Torvald performed so well in the arena that he eventually earned his own freedom, but he found that he liked the life of the gladiator so much that he stayed to continue fighting in the arena and training others to become gladiators.

About thirty years after the crucifixion of Christ the slaves Barabbas and Sahak were brought to Rome to be trained as gladiators. Torvald took a special interest in Barabbas, and picked on him throughout his training.

Meanwhile after a set of games in Rome Sahak decided it would be a good idea to share his Christian faith with some of the other gladiators. Unfortunately for Sahak Torvald overheard this and had him condemned to death as a traitor. Torvald confronted Barabbas as well but Barabbas backed down and denied that he was a Christian. Torvald had Sahak put to death by having gladiators throw spears at Sahak, while they all missed Torvald's aim was true and he killed Barabbas's friend.

The next day Barabbas and Torvald met in combat within the Colosseum, in front of a large crowd that included Emperor Nero himself. After brutal combat Barabbas had Torvald at his mercy. At that moment Barabbas looked up to see what he should do, the Emperor indicated that he should kill Torvald. Barabbas obliged, and pushed his spear into Torvald's head. Afterwards Nero, impressed with Barabbas, set the man free after about 30 years of slavery.


Torvald was played by the American actor Jack Palance.