Torune (Naruto)


Torune is one of Danzō's bodyguards and a minor villain in Naruto. In the Five Kage Arc Torune and were accompanying Danzō to the conference and aid Danzō in escaping. He and Fū fought Tobi but was defeated by the masked man. They were later used as demonstrations for Kabuto's Impure World Reincarnation using Fū as a sacrifice and revive Torune.


Torune is emotionless and stoic like many members of the Root. He is also very loyal to his leader, Danzō and would do anything under his command. He showed no fear fighting Tobi (who was using Madara Uchiha's name at the time). Torune however cares about his partner, Fū, and would protect him against his own nano-sized insects. Torune is also shown to want things to be done rather quickly as seen when he pulled out one of his strongest technique, the parasitic body technique.


As one of Danzō's guards and a member of the Aburame clan, Torune is an exceptional fighter. He is capable of using his clan's ability of controlling insects to cover his entire body to make him poison his targets on contact. With his parasitic body technique, he was able to infect Tobi's arm and force the latter to remove it. Torune's ability with the parasitic body technique was known well that Tobi praised it for its potency.


  • Torune and Fū has been placed under Tobi's genjutsu from Chapter 475 to Chapter 520; 45 chapters.
  • In the past, Shino's family made Torune live with them because his father, Shikuro Aburame, died. This is one of the reasons why Torune was good friends with Shino.
  • Torune was the only member from the Aburame clan revealed to be apart of Root.
  • In the anime, Kabuto revived Torune during the Fourth Great Ninja War so that the latter can remove the seal of the Third Raikage. However, he encountered Shino and Naruto's shadow clone and was sealed during battle. He was proud to see how strong Shino have become.
  • According to Masashi Kishimoto, the author of Naruto, Torune's mask was supposed to be based off of the classic superheroes in Western culture such as Superman.


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