Tortomon is a minor villain in Digimon Adventures 02. He attacks Davis and Veemon because he blames them when a boulder landed on him. Another Tortomon appeared in Digimon Data Squad. Tortomon is a Champion Class Digimon that looks like a tortoise made of rocks, with spikes on his back, and the back of his head. The only difference between him and a regular tortoise is that he can stand on his hind legs.


Digimon Adventures 02

Tortomon was first seen when Davis and Veemon accidentally dropped a rock on him. When rocks fell and Tortomon knocked them away, he chased Davis and Veemon to the other locations where the other DigiDestined were helping to repair parts of the Digital World that had been damaged, but seemed too intimidating from his anger for anyone else to actually try and fight him off. He finally cornered them on a cliff near the ocean.

As a last ditch effort to confuse Tortomon long enough to escape, Davis requested he "wash your hands" since he "Didn't want to get any bad germs". Just then, Veemon Digivolved to his Champion form of ExVeemon for the first time and knocked him off the cliff. But Tortomon wasn't done, as he used his Spinning Attack, leading ExVeemon and Davis to cover their eyes in horror, thinking he was coming back for round 2, but he didn't. Instead, he washed his hands like Davis requested him to do and walked off laughing for some strange unexplained reason.

Digimon Data Squad

Tortomon was seen rampaging through the city, but when Marcus Damon Digivolved Agumon into GeoGreymon, he was quickly defeated and reverted into his Digitama form.


  • Strong Carapace
  • Spinning Attack
  • Grand Dash


In the original Japanese version, Tortomon was angry at Davis and Veemon who saw him peeing.