Water, Mr. Rango, water. Without it, there's nothing but dust and decay. But with water, there's life…That's the immutable law of the desert. You control the water, and you control everything. But I don't have to tell you that, being a true man of the West as you are.
~ Tortoise John, explaining his motives and his plan to Rango.
That's what the future holds. You can either be part of it or you can be left behind.
~ Tortoise John.

Mayor Tortoise John (real name: Marlon Carlton Lynch) is the main antagonist of Nickelodeon's 23rd feature film Rango. He is the wheelchair-bound tortoise mayor of Dirt, where there was a major water shortage. He also has Rattlesnake Jake as his (former) enforcer, and Bad Bill as his servant.

He was voiced by Ned Beatty, who also played Charles Meachum in Shooter, Lots-O' Huggin' Bear in Disney/Pixar's Toy Story 3, and Otis in the 1978 Superman film.


From the very start, Tortoise John is made out to be very untrustworthy, duplicitous, menacing, greedy, and corrupt (such as keeping a large personal supply of water for himself while the rest of the town is going through a severe drought), although he appeared to be like a grandfatherly figure towards Rango.

When he first appears after Rango kills a hawk and defeats Bad Bill, he appoints Rango as the new sheriff and mentions that "whoever controls the water controls everything". He believes that Rango is not a problem, but a solution.

Later in the movie, it is shown that Tortoise John is building a modern city over the desert surrounding Dirt, and that he's been intentionally cutting off the town's water supply by using an emergency valve, which is actually connected to Las Vegas, and making citizens believe that there is actually a drought, intending to let the town die out to make way for his new plans.

Tortoise John murdered the town bank-keeper, Johannes Merrimack III, by drowning him and when Rango starts to deduce his schemes, he hires the bounty hunter, Rattlesnake Jake, to drive Rango out of town, but he comes back to stop them after fully discovering the mayor's plan. He captures Rango and Beans and starts to drown them in the town's water supply bottle. He then later betrays Rattlesnake Jake by pointing Rango's gun at him, telling him that he's also part of the obsolete Western era that he intends to destroy; but when he pulls the trigger, he finds that the last bullet was taken by Rango, who uses it to break open the water bottle, flooding the town hall and sending them all outside. Tortoise John is left on his back at the mercy of Rango who he pleads to but the latter turns him over to an angry Rattlesnake Jake, who then acknowledges Rango as another great desert legend worthy to save his life.

With Tortoise John at his mercy, Rattlesnake Jake uses the mayor's previous words "Pretty soon no one will believe you even existed", in a show of cruel irony to him. Jake then takes Tortoise John away screaming into the desert to severely punish him for his treachery, most likely killing him.


Tortoise John praising Rango

Tortoise John's kind act

At first, it was thought that Tortoise John was a nice, caring, authentic, and protective mayor. When he met Rango, the people were happy to see him meaning he was trustworthy as he showed a desire to give them a protector as he gave Rango his sheriff badge as a reward for killing the hawk.

Later on, it turned out that he was actually a manipulative, traitorous, corrupt, greedy, selfish, and ruthless individual who maintain his position by depriving the town of its water. This was seen when he had Rattlesnake Jake force Rango out of town or when he drowned the town bank-keeper and tried to drown both Rango and Bean for uncovering his plans. After Jake fulfilled his purpose, he betrayed him and attempted to kill him while calling him an old relic.

Tortoise John begging for forgiveness

After being defeated, Tortoise John begging for forgiveness.

When defeated by Rango, he pleaded to him for mercy before the latter turned him over to Jake who used his words against him. Tortoise John then frantically pleaded to him before he was dragged away screaming.


People have to believe in something, and now, they believe in you. Pick it up, Mr. Rango. Your destiny awaits.
~ Tortoise John to Rango.
He's not a problem, William. He's a solution.
~ Tortoise John and Bad Bill discussing Rango.
The future, Mr. Rango. The future. One day soon all of this is going to fade into myth. The frontier town, the lawman, the gunslinger. There's just no place for them anymore. We're civilized now.
~ Tortoise John reveals his true nature.
Your father's ranch is nothing but a wasteland now. Sign the deed, and relieve yourself of your father's burden.
~ Tortoise John.
You and the sheriff are more alike than you think. Ain't nothing but legends. Pretty soon, no one will believe you even existed. One last bullet to kill one last outlaw. (chuckling evilly) How fitting.
~ Tortoise John betrays Rattlesnake Jake.
Now sheriff, I'm sure if we work together, we can reach a mutually beneficial solution to our current situation.
~ Tortoise John trying to manipulate Rango into joining him, before Rango kicks him to Rattlesnake Jake.
No, Jake! NO!!
~ Mayor Tortoise John's last words as he is dragged out of Dirt by Rattlesnake Jake.



  • He is inspired by Noah Cross, the villain from Chinatown.
  • Despite being named Tortoise John, he is never referred to as such throughout the film. Instead he is solely referred to as The Mayor.
  • The mayor's fate is similar a statement Bad Bill made, which is Rattlesnake Jake taking a soul whenever in a town as he did with the mayor.


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