Torrie Villainess

The evil Torrie Wilson


In WCW, Torrie portrayed Samantha, an evil seductress who managed to manipulate David Flair into turning against his legendary father, Ric Flair. In later years, Torrie worked under her real name and served as the villainous valet to Billy Kidman.

Torrie joined the then-named World Wrestling Federation in 2001 as one of the heel Divas who were part of The Alliance. She aligned with the evil Stacy Keibler, a fellow WCW alum, who became arch-rivals one day and both worked under the tutelage of Ivory, a WWF regular who joined The Alliance. Torrie feuded with WWF members Trish Stratus and Lita for several months until Torrie defected to the babyface WWF side later in the year.

After spending four years as a babyface on SmackDown, Torrie was moved to Raw on August 22, 2005. In her Raw debut, Torrie turned into a villainess and attacked Ashley Massaro after she and Candice Michelle pretended to congratulate her on winning the Divas Search. After her heel turn, the evil Torrie became the leader of a trio known as Vince's Devils, which consisted of Candice and Victoria. Torrie continued to bully and torment Ashley, as well as Trish Stratus and later Mickie James. Torrie's latest stint as a villainess ended on March 2006 when Candice and Victoria turned against her.

In her villainous role in WCW, Torrie was manipulative and seductive. As a villainess in WWE, Torrie was physically ruthless and quite condescending.



  • Torrie did do some good action in a spankinh match against her friend Candice, where whoever gets the paddle first wins and spanks the loser. Tofriend lost and honored her loss by letting Candice spank her. Hen Candice feels sorry asks her to spank her twice, Torrie shows thanks by letting Candice spank her.
  • Both Stacy and Torrie did something bad to each other after they became arch-rivals.
    • Torrie humiliates Stacy by pantseding her and kicks her off the stage.
    • After Stacy kicks Torrie down, Stacy whips her.