The Tornado Roidmude, known more simply as Tornado, originally as known as Roidmude 008 was a Low-Class Spider-Type Roidmude prior to achieving his Advanced Form and one of the first Roidmudes to attack during the Global Freeze. He later returns to combat the current Drive after his evolution to the Tornado Roidmude has been completed.


Roidmude 008 was among the first nine Roidmudes that gather in Heart's place. After Global Freeze is initiated, he was among the armada to march into the inner Tokyo during their rampage.

Sometime later, 008 evolved into the Tornado Roidmude after and copying killing the fashion designer George Shirogane. He also stole a necklace from him which Shirogane had intended to give to his dream woman when he married her. Following Shirogane's desire, Tornado was certain that fulfilling it would bring him to achieve Super Evolution.

Returning to Japan over a year after the Global Freeze, 008 was confronted by Roidmude 006, who had also come back from overseas, flanked by his bodyguards Roidmude 062 and Roidmude 036. They were all welcomed back by Heart, who having not been given their new names, noted that the two executives did not want them to reveal their Evolved States. Heart briefed the executives on the Roidmudes' three current priorities, defeating the Kamen Riders and the police department supporting them, retrieving Tenjuro Banno or eliminating him if such retrieval becomes impossible, and finally to gather enough Super Evolutions to reach the Promised Number.

Acting on his objective, Tornado embarked on a series of kidnappings, approaching couples in their cars and kidnapping the women. When the Special Investigation Unit decides to take the case, both Shinnosuke Tomari and Kiriko Shijima and Genpachiro Otta and Rinna Sawagami posed as couples to lure out Tornado. Rinna and Genpachiro were the ones met by 008 in their car. When 008 attempted to kidnap Rinna, he stopped himself, stating that he had "made a mistake", infuriating her until Shinnosuke arrived. 008 expressed his gratitude to meet Drive and revealed his evolved form, Tornado. Mr. Belt suggested that Type Formula would be suited to match his speed. When it was realized that Tornado was exceptionally strong due to the Roidmude approaching his Super Evolution, Mr. Belt to took over as Type Tridoron. After a brief fight, Tornado escaped. At the Unit's office, Kyu Saijo researched George Shirogane, the globe throttling fashion designer, but not much information was found about him. As Krim suggested the Unit took to the Drive Pit to analyze Tornado's abilities, they received aid in the form of the unexpected appearance of the enigmatic creator of the Roidmudes, Tenjuro Banno, who provided them with the location of Tornado's hideout. Arriving at the hideout, Shinnosuke, Go and Kiriko found Tornado's captives. However, Tornado soon revealed himself alongside Heart, allowing the three to take them back since none of them were catalysts for his Super Evolution. As the Kamen Riders fought against the Roidmudes, Tornado saw Kiriko as his perfect woman and kidnapped her, with Drive and Mach quickly following to save her before being interrupted by a sudden attack from Banno, who had commandeered the Ride Booster Red.

With Deadheat Mach left in a pinch against Heart, Chase appeared and allowed him to handle Tornado, with Mach escaping and reuniting with an injured Shinnosuke who retrieved Mr. Belt from Banno. Back at the Drive Pit, the team wondered why Tornado needed his dream woman to achieve Super Evolution, when Kyu arrived with the answer: George Shirogane's dream having been to put a necklace on a woman it as he married her at a church nearby a beach. Kyu also suggested a nearby church which Tornado most likely had taken Kiriko to based on his movements with Shinnosuke heading there. Storming the church, Shinnosuke realized that the real George Shirogane was killed by Tornado as he copied him. Transforming into Drive, Shinnosuke attempted to attack Tornado but found himself trapped in his storm before being freed by Mach while Chase rescued Kiriko. Having gained his Driver's License, Chase piloted the Booster Tridoron in Type Wild backing up Mach and Drive against Tornado. Generating their own tornado through Ride Boosters Red and Blue, Mach and Drive respectively performed their Rider Kicks against Tornado, destroying the Roidmude before he could achieve Super Evolution.