~ Torkdrift warning Mario prior to its battle.

Torkdrift is the boss of the Wooded Kingdom in Super Mario Odyssey. It is a giant flower-shaped flying saucer built by Bowser to steal all of the flowers residing in the Steam Gardens.


Bowser sent the Broodals to the Wooded Kingdom to steal the Soirée Bouquet for Peach for their wedding on the Moon. Spewart challenged and was defeated by Mario, but he and the other Broodals got away with the bouquet. Bowser then sent Torkdrift to the Kingdom to steal additional flowers. Torkdrift attacks the Secret Flower Field, a garden hidden in the Steam Garden treasured with sacred flowers, sending all of the automated Steam Gardeners in a panicked frenzy.

When Mario arrives in the garden, he discovers Torkdrift vacuuming the flowers of the garden into its glass core. Capturing a nearby Uproot with Cappy, Mario bashes against Torkdrift's core repetitively until it becomes aggravated, enough to engage him in battle. Torkdrift attacks Mario by shooting a laser beam at him. Breaking through three blocks protecting three orbs encircling the robot will topple over Torkdrift, allowing Mario to attack its core. After adjusting itself, Torkdrift shoots at the ground to make an energy shockwave that Mario must jump over. As Torkdrift takes damage, it becomes more precise with firing its laser, recharging between each shot more quickly.

Once Torkdrift's core is hit three times, it explodes and releases a Multi-Moon, and drops all of the flowers it stole. With it gone, the Steam Garden replenishes in all of its stolen flowers and the gardeners return to their senses. All debris remaining of Torkdrift have been used by the gardeners as decorations to their garden.

In the Peach's Castle rematch, the arena is surrounded by four stacks of three Pulse Beams, which release shockwaves when hit by Torkdrift's lasers.


  • Torkdrift's appearance is loosely based on the Spindrift enemies from Super Mario 64.
  • Small saucers similar to Torkdrift can be found in the boss arena and in the Moon Kingdom. They function similarly to birds, flying away should Mario get too close.
  • When Torkdrift is vacuuming the flowers, if Mario uses an Uproot to stretch his way on top of Torkdrift and uses Cappy on the machine's laser rod, it makes a train whistle and releases a heart. This only works when Torkdrift is focused on stealing the flowers and not engaged in battle.


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