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Torikabutron Neo-Shocker Kaijin

Torikabutron (トリカブトロン Torikabutoron?, 31-32) is a monkshood monster hailing from Mongolia. His joint mission with Ogon Jakaa is to assist Majin Teitoku in the construction of a sacrificial temple complex dedicated to the Great Leader. He kidnaps masses of hikers in the Demon Mountain Pass. In a psychological gambit to specially acquire children, he poses as a ruthless cram school tutor indirectly pressuring his students to flee from their homes. He then blackmails Saburo, the son of a kidnapped Neoshocker scientist who happens to be friends with his students to capture them. In the duel between Oogon Jakaa and Skyrider, he attempts to kill steal the former. He has expert marksmanship skills, using both poison and explosive flame arrows. Ari Commandos in his command use spears. Destroyed by Kamen Rider X's X Kick, blowing up the sacrificial chamber as well.