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And is the only thing speaking...
~ Torg's last words

Torg is one of the secondary antagonists of Star Trek III: The Search for Spock. He was portrayed by Stephen Liska.


Torg, along with Maltz, was a high-ranking Klingon officer serving aboard Commander Kruge's Bird-of-Prey. He was intelligent and a capable officer unafraid to speak his mind to his leader. Torg was one of the two other men on the ship who Kruge shared the stolen Starfleet report with.

After the destruction of the Grissom, Kruge was so angry that he vaporized the gunner right there on the bridge, calling the man an animal. Torg spoke up to report survivors on the surface, even though he knew that Kruge would kill him too if he said the wrong thing.

When Kruge was able to force the Enterprise to surrender Kruge had Torg lead the boarding party. He was killed when he and several Klingon officers beamed aboard the Enterprise and found it empty. Arriving on the bridge he reported to Kruge that the empty ship was being run by computer, and something was speaking. Upon hearing the computer performing a countdown Kruge realized that Kirk had set the ship's self-destruct mechanism and screamed at Torg and his men to get out of there. It was too late as the countdown ended a few seconds later. Torg and his men all died when the Federation vessel exploded beneath their feet.

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