Torchy is a fire-breathing Dimetrodon and a villain in the third season of the 1974 TV series Land of the Lost. He first appeared the episode Cornered as the main antagonist.


Torchy was apparently brought to the surface of the Land of the Lost by an earthquake, along with LuLu. He attacks the Lost City and breath fire at the Sleestaks, but Big Alice arrives and confronts him. However, Torchy easily manages to chase her away by breathing fire at her. Jack and Will Marshall then try to lure him in the jungle in order to have him killed by Grumpy, but Torchy doesn't follow them and injures Will with his poisonous tail.

Much later, the Marshalls prepare a trap to draw Torchy out of the valley. They built a giant mirror and set it up in front of a canyon, then they lure Torchy to it. The dimetrodon looks in the mirror and charges at it thinking it was another monster, and after he crashes through the mirror the Marshalls catapult a rock into the canyon, trapping him.

At night, Torchy manages to knock over the rock and returns to live in the valley. He reappears on a few occasions during the following episodes.