The Duras family will one day rule the Empire!
~ Toral, after losing the war.

Toral, son of Duras, was a male Klingon warrior in the 24th century and a member of the House of Duras. He was the illegitimate son of Duras.

Klingon Civil War

Toral was used by his aunts, Lursa and B'Etor as a figurehead in an attempt to usurp control of the Klingon Empire from Gowron . After it was revealed with help from the Federation that the House of Duras was receiving aide from the Romulans during the Klingon Civil War, Toral's claim to the Klingon throne was severed, and he was convicted of treason. Gowron offered to let Worf kill the boy for wrongfully taking his family honor, but Worf refused, unwilling to kill him as he was only a pawn of his aunts.

Sword of Kahless

Toral returned in another attempt to take over the Klingon Empire again in 2372, this time on his own, as his aunts had been killed in the Battle of Veridian III the prior year. He met the Dahar Master Kor on Torna IV, where Kor drunkenly told him he had discovered the Shroud of the Sword and that it would lead him to the Sword of Kahless. Toral sent Soto, a Lethean, to probe Kor's mind on Deep Space 9. Using the information Soto retrieved, Toral traveled to the Gamma Quadrant where Kor discovered the sword. Toral believed that if he could wield the sword he could take over the Empire. The sword was later jettisoned into space, thwarting another attempt of the House of Duras to conquer the Empire.

Resurgence and Death

In the computer game Star Trek: Armada, Toral leads another attempt against Chancellor Martok to take over the Klingon Empire, claiming that he had found the Sword of Kahless and whoever wields the sword rules the Empire, but was exposed as a fraud by Worf, as he knew where the true Sword of Kahless was and had brought it back from the Ikolis Expanse. Toral fled to the Romulan Neutral Zone where he was once again backed by Romulans, but was later betrayed and killed by Sela with help from the Borg.