Torak - servant of the Cyclops

Torak the Torturer was a monster that appeared in the cartoon series "Mighty Max" as one of the show's one-shot villains.
A monstrous hulk of a man who dwelled in the dungeons and caverns beneath a Turkish prison. Believed to be one of Odysseus' men and now a servant of the Cyclops, Torak was known to steal prisoners from their cells and feed them to the Cyclops. He was defeated by Norman when he tried to steal the Guardian and Max from their cell. They then followed him to his lair and Norman proceeded to deliver a crushing defeat to Torak via tossing him into an iron maiden and then tossing him down a pit. However Torak somehow survived and tried to ambush the team after they had killed the Cyclops but was tossed into the fiery pit by Norman, presumably to his demise.