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Tor Vizsla

Tor Vizsla is a ruthless barbarian in Star Wars series.


Tor Viszla was a bloodthirsty Mandalorian who founded the splinter faction Death Watch. His rival was Jaster Meerel, the leader of the true Mandalorians who followed a code of honor and idealism and set out to uproot the barbarism and bring peace to the Mandalore system. Viszla on the other hand wanted to start a new Mandalorian war and set out to conquer the Galaxy in the name of his barbaric ancestors.

He killed Jango's mother and father in cold blood and kidnapped Jango's sister Arla Fett when Jango Fett was a young boy on the Mandalorian colony world of Concord Dawn. Jango was safe from Vizsla's wrath when he was taken under Jaster's care. A few days later, Viszla and the Death Watch were celebrating their victory in a nearby town when Jaster Meerel and the true Mandalorians ambushed them. Viszla attempted to fight back using his Death Watch Tank, but Jango managed to place an anti-tank bomb on the tank's underside. The tank was destroyed, but Viszla's body was nowhere to be found.