The Topplegangers are the shady mercenary commando biker gang and book club whose action figures were seen in 8-Bit Is Enough. The members are Swampslash, Subtlefuge, Dryghost, and Fudgeclank. They fight for either side, depending on who is the highest bidder, and reside in their hideout. Each is sold separately with rifle and gear.

The gang is likely a reference to Zartan's mercenary group, the Dreadnoks, from the G.I. Joe toyline by Hasbro. Their name is a pun on the word "doppelgänger"

which means a ghostly double of a living person, or any double or look-alike in particular.

The group is further mentioned in 2 Part EpisodePart 1. The members of the Cheat Commandos who had been fired decided to enlist their help in breaking Blue Laser Commander out of prison. In this episode, Subtlefuge is named as the leader, not Swampslash. In 2 Part Episode: Part 2, Subtlefuge, like several other Cheat Commandos characters (Fightgar, Blue Laser Commander, Flashfight), speaks with a British accent.

Their figurines are seen in 8-Bit Is Enough, but there are noticeable differences between them. For example, all four have normal The Cheat colors in figurine form, but they are all different colors in the cartoon. Additionally, Fudgeclank looks far more colorful and clown-like in the cartoon than the figurine.