Topher, labeled the "Chris Wannabe", was the tertiary antagonist of Total Drama: Pahkitew Island and he was a member of the Pimâpotew Kinosewak. He appears to be an arrogant and narcissistic fanboy of Chris McLean.

He was voiced by Christopher Jacot.


Topher is a such a huge Chris McLean fan, that he gave himself the nickname "Chris 2.0", and even has a cat named after Chef Hatchet. He frequently goes out of his way to try to talk to Chris, which usually causes him to not be very much help for his team. Just like Chris, Topher can be quite arrogant and frequently admires himself. He joins the show not to win the prize money, but to replace Chris as the host, and will attempt to do so at any opportunity. He is very ambitious in this endeavor, eventually stealing Chris's cell phone to contact the producers and frequently insulting his age to imply that they need a younger host such as himself. These situations beg the question of whether or not Topher truly does admire Chris, or was just stroking his ego so as to lower his guard in his attempt to steal his job.

Total Drama: Pahkitew Island

Watch You Work

Topher, the Chris Wannabe, shows his respect for Chris McLean.

When Topher is introduced, it is immediately obvious that he is a huge fan of Chris, and is eager to indulge in every opportunity to show his appreciation to his idol. He is also under the impression that, his constant kissing up to Chris gives him special treatment. In reality, he is no exception to the host's love of causing pain and suffering, such as when he gleefully orders Chef Hatchet to toss Topher away. His obsession with Chris is to the extent where he even praises Chris for the cruel challenges he comes up with, such as the grease obstacle course in I Love You, Grease Pig!. Chris at first enjoys the attention, but after a while becomes irritated when Topher repeatedly attempts to steal his spotlight.

Chris Is Like A Baby

Topher succeeds in stealing Chris's cell phone.

Soon it's hinted that Topher may have ulterior motives, and he begins making remarks about Chris' age. This leads Chris to worry he's getting old, and goes to drastic measures to look younger. However Topher continues to press the host on this sensitive issue. By Mo Monkey Mo Problems, it's clear that Topher's true intention is to upstage Chris and taking his job. He excuses himself from his team and runs right into Chris. He apologizes to Chris and passes it off as an accident, however this turns out to be a ruse to steal Chris's cell phone. Using the phone, he leaves a message with the network's producers to plant a "seed of doubt" about Chris' age.
Topher Finds A Way Out

Topher uses the phone's signal to find a way out.

With his plans in motion, Topher eagerly awaits a response in This Is The Pits!. This is made difficult when the pit they are in begins to collapse, and he is forced to retreat into the tunnels, and ends up alone with Jasmine. After a while, he begins to irritate Jasmine by constantly checking the phone for bars of reception, and continuously narrating their actions in Chris' absence. They eventually reach a seemingly bottomless chasm, where a fearful Jasmine hugs him tightly in fear, causing him to pass out due to oxygen deprivation. Once they awaken at the surprisingly shallow pit, Topher leads Jasmine to a possible exit, using the phone's signal.
Topher's efforts to replace Chris as host have failed, and he is eliminated when these efforts hinder his team's progress.

Topher is shocked to discover, he has been outwitted by Chris McLean.

In Three Zones and A Baby, Topher doubles his efforts to overthrow Chris. He once again annoys Chris before the start of the challenge, by stating the host was "running out of creative steam". As payback Chris has Chef Hatchet shoot Topher, followed by increasing the challenge difficulty by having them carry babies. Throughout the challenge, Topher expends all his efforts in showing off his ability to the producers, and keeps on awaiting his phone call. His actions cause him to fall behind, such as when he gives away his position to Chef's bazooka after posing for the camera. After repetitively dragging the team down, his team mates become immensely frustrated with him especially Scarlett, who gives him a threatening look. At the final part of the challenge in the "Avalanche Zone", Topher finally gets a call from the producers, and is delighted to hear they them offer him a position as the show's new host. Overjoyed, Topher yells out, causing the team to be buried in an avalanche and costing them the win. Topher is voted off that night, but at first he appears unphased. Confident that he has been inducted as the new host, he proclaims that he would be staying and it is in fact Chris who would be eliminated. However he is shocked to discover the producer who called him is actually Chris in disguise, and that he knew Topher had his phone all along. Chris gives Topher one final lesson that he should "never play a playa", before firing him from the Cannon of Shame.



  • Topher is one of only 11 characters to have a cleft chin, the others being Brick, Chef, Chris, Dakota, Geoff, Heather, Josh, Leonard, Rodney, and Trent.
  • Topher, Sugar, and Jasmine are currently the only contestants in the third generation that are confirmed to own a pet. In Topher's case, it is a cat named after Chef.
  • Topher is heavily affiliated with Chris in the following ways:
    • Both have similar color schemes.
    • Both have self-centered personalities.
    • Both have hosting abilities.
    • Both share their name with their voice actor Christopher Jacot. Topher's is named Christopher, while Chris' full name is Christian. They are the only two characters to do this.
    • It is worth noting that when combining their names together, they form the name "Christopher," which is traditionally the full version of the name "Chris."
  • Topher is one of the 2 contestants confirmed to be a huge fan of Chris prior to joining, with the other being Sierra.
    • Like Sierra, he too ended up being hated by Chris and developed a conflict with him.
  • As confirmed by Topher himself, he attended on-camera poise classes before joining Total Drama.

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