Second oldest trick in the book.
~ Toothpick Head in the end of the episode
Who bit my bologna?
~ Toothpick Head in the movie


Toothpick Head.

Toothpick Head is the antagonist of the CatDog episode "Nightmare".


Toothpick Head is a monster with a mammalian-like body and a sandwich as a head comprised of olives for his nose and eyes, toothpicks around the head, and spices for long eyebrows. 

Toothpick Head appeared in a monster movie Cat, Dog and Winslow watched on a storming day. In the movie Toothpick Head was pursuing two characters in a haunted house. During the movie, Cat made a sandwich resembling Toothpick Head's head, much to Dog's fear. Toothpick Head shoots toothpicks at the male cat, sticking him to the wall as well as knocking down his moldy jelly jar from the RMS Titanic from his hand. The female cat released birds from a window to provoke Toothpick Head and then uses a toaster on its head to defeat it. 

Sometime in the episode, CatDog fears that Toothpick Head is around their house. CatDog later encounters Toothpick Head, activating a scenario to the movie. After it is defeated by a toaster, it drops, and Winslow emerges from his head. Winslow pranks with CatDog when he rip faces to reveal another one. After CatDog runs from their house due to Dog being scared by lightning and Winslow's trick, Winslow laughs until when he sees the real Toothpick Head on a midnight snack. Toothpick Head says to Winslow "Second oldest trick in the book," suggesting that his trick is the oldest.


Toothpick Head in the end of the episode.