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The "Toothless Gambler", also called the "Snaggle-Toothed Mothaf*cka", was a nasty, child-hating, violent gambler with a rotten luck and a character in Harlem Nights.

He was portrayed by Ji-Tu Cumbuka.

We first see him in a game of craps along with many of fellow gamblers. He's winning the game, as we can hear the other players upset. Then comes in young Vernest Brown (known as Quick). This gets the gambler upset for one reason: he hates kids. He claims they bring bad luck when he tries to gamble. Throughout the entire, he threatens Quick with assault if he doesn't get out. Ray then puts him in his place. He precedes to play the game, and tries to tell Ray to stop it. When he doesn't get his way in the game, he gets into a nasty argument and eventually, it becomes an attempt to murder Ray, Quick and Benny, holding a pocket knife to his neck. But it goes bad, when Quick finds a gun and shoots the gambler because he can hurt Ray.

He is a vile and disgusting man. He might have had a violent past, most likely.