Albert, Brad and Lapsley Tooley, also known as the Tooley Brothers, were a trio of robbers in the 2000 AD comic strip Judge Dredd. They appeared in prog 52.

The Tooley Brothers are a trio of con-men and bank robbers who use the face-changing machine to disguise themselves while robbing a bank. They rob a First Luna Bank disguising themselves as Laurel and Hardy and Charlie Chaplin. After Dredd demands they give themselves up, the trio stated they refuse and will fight to the end, but they will release the hostages. They then quickly changed their faces into three of the Marx Brothers and pretended to be hostages. They steal an ambulance and retreat to their hideout, celebrating their success. When the Judges stormed the banks, they were initially shocked that the robbers disappeared but Dredd recognises them as 20th century comedians and concludes they were using face-changing machine and escaped in an ambulance. Dredd then goes to the only company on Luna-City One that sold face-changing machines and uses their records and finds out that the robbers are the Tooley Brothers who are the biggest con-men in the business. The Tooley Brothers were then brought to Justice Central where they were interrogated but they refuse to reveal themselves and demand to see their lawyer, Manny Bloom. Bloom then forces the Judges to release the Tooley Brothers. They then go back to their apartment and celebrate until it's revealed that Dredd changed his face to look like Manny Bloom back at Justice Central and manages to knock them out before they could get their guns out. They were then arrested.