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Tooley is Kane's dimwitted right hand-man. He is voiced by Jim Breuer.


Tooley is an eager to please idiot, and Kane's loyal and loving lapdog. What he lacks in competence, Tooley makes up for in blind devotion to Kane and his nefarious agenda to wipe Motorcity off the map. Tooley also has a crush on Julie, which she occasionally exploits to get information to help the Burners.


Tooley appears to be the same age as or a little older than the Burners, and is very tall. Like Texas, he has somewhat prominent front teeth, and appears to have dark circles under his eyes, possibly from working long hours under Kane. He has short brown hair and dresses similarly to Kane, except his clothes have some light blue on them to distinguish from Kane's all-white wardrobe.


After Mike rebelled against him, Kane chose a loyal idiot that wouldn't betray him.


  • Tooley has been seen trying to groom himself before speaking to Julie, and it's possible he has a crush on her.
  • Unlike Kane, Tooley doesn't appear to have any personal dislike for Motorcity in general, as seen in "Going Dutch" where he tries to join the "party" he thinks is occurring there.