Toodles and Spike are former friends of Charlie Barkin in a flashback scene of the All Dogs Go to Heaven: The Series episode "When Hairy Met Silly," where they appear as adversaries. They, including Charlie, were known as "The Rovers." They were mean to anyone who was in their way, and they weren't nice to then-housepet Itchy Itchiford. When Charlie invites Itchy, Toodles and Spike are mean to him. They even assisted a burglar in stealing things, including a necklace. When Itchy feels betrayed, and Charlie gives his fellow Rovers the stolen necklace, the alarm goes off and Toodles and Spike run off, and Charlie is locked in, betrayed by his teammates, who prefer to have bigger profits in meat.

After Charlie and Itchy get together again, the burglar, Toodles, and Spike are arrested.

Both dogs were voiced by Carlos Alazraqui.