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Anthony "Tony" Stonem is a fictional character from the British television series Skins.

He was portrayed by Nicholas Hoult who would later portray Nux.

He was the series' central character in its first and second series, from 2007-2008. In the first series, the character is considered an antihero, and in some respects his actionns are very antagonistic due to his sociopathic tendencies. However, this changes in the second series after he becomes a victim of a subdural hematoma and, as a result, becomes more vulnerable. Hoult, along with the other starring actors of the first two series, departed the show after its second season.


Tony is a tall, handsome male with pale skin, short brown hair, blue eyes and thick eyebrows. He usually wears shirts with V- Neck jumpers but one special occasions wears more formal attire.


Tony is a charming, popular teenager who has a close circle of friends, his best friend being Sid Jenkins who he constantly teases, torments and forces to do things for him. Tony is also very cunning, manipulative and uncaring, he doesn't always know or even care when he hurts people a prime example of this being when he continually cheats on his girlfriend Michelle then acts like he has done nothing wrong the very next day. He is also very controlling and will stop at nothing to achieve his goals, this is how he ends up accidentally turning Michelle's new boyfriend Josh Stock into a villain by causing him to snap and have his mental illness take control over him after Tony had framed him for sending Michelle naked pictures of Abigail (Josh's sister). In the second season Stonem's personality changes drastically due to an accident involving him getting hit by a bus. Tony becomes more paranoid, jumpy and vulnerable he also loses some of his memory and spends the majority of the series attempting to regain it. He also becomes arguably kinder and was no longer manipulative and villainous. By his final appearance Tony is still Sid's best friend, Michelle's girlfriend and on good terms with the rest of his friends and family.


  • Tony is similar to another Skins character James Cook since both are protagonists who have antagonistic traits yet later redeem themselves as the series went on, however their motivations were entirely different.
  • In the critically panned US remake of the series his surname was changed for unknown reasons.
  • Tony Stonem was Nicholas Hoult's breakout role.

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